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In your career, in your life, do you know yourself? Where your talents lie? Do you have any idea just how capable you are! Don't sell yourself short. Choose a college that challenges you and encourages you to become your best, indeed GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE IS ALL THAT.

No doubt, you have been reading a lot about colleges, many of these may look alike. But read on, because in front of you now there is a college unlike the rest. This is the GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE.

While comparable in cost to the already existing colleges, we offer what no other Institution can: a smaller, a more caring environment with a liberal arts emphasis. We are not a mega University where tens of thousands of students pile up into class rooms; we are a private, quality, Education College, a community where friends are easily made, where teaching takes place in optimum number, where participation is the natural order & where success is a given target. Most of students have achieved this Success. (ALHAMDULLILAH)

Lastly, Reading about a unique, caring college that makes great distinctions possible. This is the COLLEGE that will change your life (INSHAH ALLAH). Come to us, we shall prepare you for the rest of your life.

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Studying at GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE is both challenging & enjoyable. Students' life is all about achieving balance between your studies and your social life: here with us you will come across both. Our college is situated on University Road, Peshawar. Despite the size of the students, there is a friendly, accessible and intimate surrounding about the place. Everything you need to succeed in student life will be found in this college with the help & services available throughout.

GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE has a strong focus on producing employable students. Our carefully selected teaching faculty will show you this. Apart from the importance of academics, GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE also places an emphasis on the need for vocational qualification, outbound activities, occurrence in the fields of health and cleanliness .You will choose this carrier oriented college all for good.

The reasons to choose GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE is many and varied, but most importantly, you will really enjoy studying here. We make sure that you will get not only academic excellence but also life experience because as a team of committed administration and dynamic teaching, we are determined to provide the environment you are looking for. WISHING YOU A GOOD LUCK.


Engr: Muhammad Saleem Khan Chairman



I hold the view that a good and competitive college should have thorogh curricula for Male and Femle students. To arouse the interest of the youngster in the modern scientific advancements and in the books and magazines to know more about the national and international scientific developments in our targets in the GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE, we earnestly hope that our experience in this area will be a torch bearing model for others.

I wish Allah would speed us in our pursuits.