As the college is well known for its academic record both among students and parents, so it focuses more & more on the educational needs & requirements of the students. For this purpose, the college follows a latest way of monthly tests to evaluate the student's performance. Having undergone the monthly tests, the students, then, have to appear in the exams held after a span of three months. These exams include the entire course taught during the span. The college arranges two home exams besides monthly tests which are:

(a) 1st term Exam (in half Course) In the Month of December

(b) 2° term Exam: (in full course) in the start of March

The result of each term is not only sent to the parents but also a teacher-parents meeting is held so that, the result of the students may be discussed & their weaknesses be removed. It starts for five days continuously & the parents are invited to attend the college & discuss their children's problems & weakness with teachers & administration.


ENGLISH is Medium of Instruction. The following Methodology is adopted to achieve the objectives in classrooms & college Premises:

a) Lecturers & conversation in English                           b) Through demonstration (if practical)

c) Student's participation in seminars, Workshops & Projects   d) Assignments-Home tasks


A large& well equipped library with modern services is an essential appendage to any good institute worthy of its name. GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE Authorities have decided to establish an exemplary library presentable in all respects. The library will accommodate all the current books covering the entire gamut of topics, General & technical, periodicals& journals, Newspapers & a limited access to research work. A reference section is also added to it.


Computer is now an integral part of any school, college or an institute where education is imparted in the real sense. Computer is also included in the academic curricula, which has become compulsory. GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE has already a good number of modern computers installed in the lab. The college students will get free computer education during their study tenure.


Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs with modern standard equipments have been setup. The college is planning to meet all the requirements of science education and to install thematic tools in a way no institute has done before. We place high importance to the education of science. The students are assured of assistance in studies and research in the areas of science.