GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE peshawar offers admissions in F.Sc/F.A and DAE. The students who want to learn something should definitely join GLOBAL DEGREE COLLEGE PESHAWAR for it provides a conducive environment to students to learn some thing and become a professional in his/her practical field


Keeping in view the hazards faced by the students, especially the female students, the college authorities have arranged for a comfortable, suitable transport to and from the college. The female staff and students will board the vehicle right from the doorstep of the college and will carry them to their respective homes. Transportation fee is on monthly basis.


Besides the academic & curriculum activities the college provides the students with some co-curriculum facilities so that, their latent talents may be polished, their social functions be enhanced & utilized The college provides the students with the following facilities:


Bazm-e-Adab competitions are arranged at the end of every month where the students takepart in various activities such as speech competition, Recitation&Naat competitions, judged by well known judges & the winner of the competition are rewarded for the sake of encouragement.


The literary society consists of the students having a keen interest in literature. Teachers wellknown for the literary works among the students lead literary works. The society provides the students with a guideline in the vast & wide field of literature & to enlighten their hidden potentialities concerning creativity. Besides these activities the society publishes a journal where in the students take an enthusiastic part producing poems, anecdotes, stories & by writing about religious, historical & scientific informations, inventions & discoveries.


Realizing the great importance of both physically & mentally healthy youth, the college focuses more & more on sports & games so as the nation may be bestowed with such a stunt of youth who may compete with the challenges of the modern age & may erect the nation on a strong & firm foundation. Therefore, the students are given sports week (Sports Gala) where the students play various games like Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey, Volley Ball, Tennis etc.


The college selects talented players from the students during their sports days, enlist them in various categories for different games & then arrange the internal tournaments in various games among the college internal teams, called sports week.



To get the students released of their monotony & daily activities & to entertain & refresh them, the college arranges such study tours & picnics which not only prove a source of amusement & refreshment but beneficial & advantageous also. These tours & picnics may be attended by submitting a small pay per head by the students & are led & supervised by a group of teachers who provide the students with every facility which may be possible. These tours include the place having importance from Religious, Historical, geographical&Scientific point of view so that the students might be benefitted as well.